Homecare provides care services directly a person’s home or place of residence. The Nurses, Home Health Aides, Social Workers, Physical Therapists and other care givers will have schedule visits to the person’s homes.

There are two components to home care services:
1. Medical Services Homecare Services: Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Social Worker and other Allied Health Services that are provided directly at the patient’s home rather than at the hospital, nursing facility or other healthcare facilities or institutions.
Some examples of medical homecare services are: Wound Care, IV Therapy, Vaccinations, Injections, Post-Operative Recovery Care, Diabetes Care, Epileptic Care, Post Stroke Care, Alzheimer Care and many other medical care services.

2. Non-Medical Services: Home Health Aides assist individuals with their activities of daily living.
Some examples of non-medical homecare services are: Companionship, House Keeping, Help with Bathing and other Personal Care Activities, Shopping and other Errands, Transportation to and from Appointments and Social Events and many other non-medical care services.
Who is These Services Right For?
1. Persons of all ages who are recovering from an injury- illness-surgery-giving birth, persons who have chronic illnesses, need vaccinations.
2. Individuals of all ages who needs help with activities of daily living, such as, persons who are elderly-disabled, have chronic illnesses-sick children- persons who just need temporary help.

Why Homecare?
There are many benefits in utilizing a homecare service. Some of the key benefits are that homecare allows individuals to remain in their home environment providing a high level of convenience to the patients and their families. It also reduces the patient’s exposure to infections that maybe acquired at hospitals and institutions. The cost savings to individuals and their families are tremendous. The average cost of homecare is less than half the cost for patients to stay full-time in care facilities.

Homecare Payment Options
You can get almost any type of help you want in your home. Services are paid for via Private Pay Medicare and Medicaid or Private Insurances. Talk to your Healthcare Provider about homecare options.

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