In-Home Care Considerations for Clinical Trials

Recruiting and retaining study participants poses a challenge for clinical trials especially in the US. Studies show that a vast majority US studies fall short of the required trial subjects and as result these trials fail to begin on time, delaying the drug approval process. This not only adds cost to the trials but also delays vital treatments to patients who needs them.
Trial subjects’ experience at clinical sites can be a key factor in achieving successful enrollment and retention rates. Lengthy wait times during site visits, lack of scheduling flexibility, travelling long distances and limitations due to age, a disability and/or disease state can discourage patients from joining and completing the course of a study.
In-Home clinical services deliver a patient –focused approach to clinical studies, by bringing treatment directly to the patients. In addition to administering investigational drugs at the patients’ place of residence, travelling clinicians are also able to provide auxiliary services, including specimen collection and clinical assessments.Both trial sponsors and participants can benefit tremendously from in-home clinical services model. Sponsors are likely to achieve the recruitment and retention metrics they need to bring drugs to market; while trial patients are afforded convenience, flexibility and the support they need to successfully complete an extensive and taxing trial.
Assurance Homecare is a GCP-ICH certified provider of in-home clinical services throughout Massachusetts. Our team of clinicians has extensive experience with trial participants of all ages, multiple therapeutic areas and phases I-IV clinical trials.
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