Treating Pneumonia At Home

Did you know that research shows home health for retiree’s suffering from mild to moderately severe pneumonia is just as safe and effective as hospitalization? In fact, treatment at home is also patient preferred.

While pneumonia hospitalizations are declining, it is still the second most common cause of people age 75+ being admitted to the hospital. Research shows that hospitalizations were cut from 22% to 10% for those pneumonia patients receiving skilled nursing care. In addition, the skilled nursing care patients who did require hospitalization saw their length of stay cut in half.

If you or your loved one is suffering with pneumonia, ask the doctor about home health options to reduce hospitalizations and cost and to increase comfort, satisfaction, and safety.

Source: Richards D, Toop L, Epton M. Home management of mild to moderately severe community-acquired pneumonia: a randomised controlled trial. Med J Aust. 2005; 183(5): 235-8.


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